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Expose Prod constists of a group of specialists, full of fresh and motional ideas.

Expose Prod has maintained collaborations with international companies and private customers from various areas such television networks, magazines, music bands, international media companies, international organizations and public ministries. Based on high skills of technology and production, even under any form or amount of pressure, Expose Prod can offer challenging ability on the analysis and synthesis of a video project along with an extremely productive performance. Each production team of the company achieves impressive results through an organized and humanly productive environment.

Performance and abilities are occupied in single, multi-camera and new media productions. Acknownledging the principles and requirements of a production stream, Expose Prod provides awareness for all the media and new media features, as well as a wide specialization on video programs, such as documentaries, features, music-clips and corporate videos. Our experience and ability are relative to any video format, from the oldest VHS to the proggresive High-Definition format. Through our experience, Expose Prod has generated good visual, creative and inventive skills and the ability to work patiently and closely in a team basis or under instruction. In addition, our capabilities reveal the effort on any production, working at short notices, under pressure, or any possibility of hazard. With our aptitude to create and maintain the highest media and new media outputs, Expose Prod feels that would be able to make a significant contribution to a custormer's production.

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