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Jess discovered VJing whilst a student in England. This newborn artistic form was still unknown across the channel. Back in France, Jess decided to continue his video experimentations: danse/video improvisation, video mixes at various festivals. He also returned to Great Britain to VJ (AVIT Brighton, Streamaudio).

Inspired by the burgeoning community in Great Britain, Jess created the VJ FRANCE forum (the french VJ network). This enables VJs to talk, to exchange and especially to meet each other. Thanks to these meetings Jess, accompanied by Miss CHéMAR, DULCE and Aalto, set up the collective “STUDIO VJ”.

Thus, the collective ensure the visuels at Suburbhan drum & bass nights (UBU, Rennes), organise evenings dedicated to VJs (PLAY PAUSE). Also, collaborating with DiagnosTIC and Lombric Images created the ”Emprunt Digital” festival (Rennes).

At the same time JeSs created the visuals for the group “Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra”, which brought him to mix with them on many european stages (Paléo Festival, Veilles Charrues...).

At the moment Jess is working to link up his VJ capabilities to his musical compositions in order to present an audio-visual world to the audience. Teaming up with musian Erwan Raguenes they have created the A/V band SATI.

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