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    Our Athletes

    by EZIA Human Performance

    3 Videos

    EZIA's phenomenal athletes doing the most innovative training around! Our system simply elevates human performance, and these world class athletes are great examples of it.

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  3. 11:39

    Sports Therapy Exercises

    by EZIA Human Performance

    18 Videos

    The EZIA Sports Therapy Exercise album is composed of videos from our physical therapy and chiropractic team. These short exercise tips will nurse you back from injuries at the convenience of your…

  4. 04:25

    EZIA Benchmark Exercises

    by EZIA Human Performance

    11 Videos

    At EZIA Human Performance, we have 12 Benchmark Exercises that we use to test our members into our proprietary ESP program. ESP stands for Endurance, Strength and Power, and there are 4 exercises…

  5. 23:35

    EZIA ESP Testimonials

    by EZIA Human Performance

    12 Videos

    Hear what our Members, Professional Athletes, and Corporate Wellness clients have to say about their customized EZIA ESP Program.

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