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Ezra was born in Norman, OK and moved to a peaceful southern African country when he was four-years-old. Living there he gained a global mindset and heart for the world. Being home schooled by his mother for six years, he learned valuable lessons in family, friendship, and third world culture. When Ezra moved to Namibia at the time of Nelson Mandela's election to presidency the country became somewhat unstable. From a young age, he saw first hand what oppression looked like, how it had scarred the people, and the difficulties they encountered in trying to overcome it.

After moving back to the Oklahoma in 2000, Ezra began to bring international value and global issues he'd experienced to his American life. In a middle school in the small town of Morris, Oklahoma Ezra's childhood memories from Africa began to shape compelling stories and dictate his acting.

Telling stories and fighting for the spotlight was natural from a young age. The second of four boys, Ezra was the most rambunctious and outgoing. He got involved in acting in middle school and church plays that landed him leading roles in the next shows. His success on the stage helped bring success on the sport fields and courts as well.

His senior year of high school, Ezra became an intern at a church. For Okmulgee First Baptist he developed supplementary worship videos and promotional content for his youth group and church. His experience led him to discover his passion: producing meaningful entertainment.

Ezra is a senior at the University of Oklahoma now and is pursuing degrees in Film and Video Studies and Broadcasting Electronic Media. Two years after his start into video and film production, Ezra is looking ahead to short film festivals in France, Grad school at the University of Southern California , and whatever comes later.

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