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    by Jeff Hamada joined

    5,493 Videos / 3,083 Members

    Videos shared here will be considered for a feature on: http://www.Booooooom.com You may also post videos to our FB wall: https://www.facebook.com/booooooom Our official Vimeo channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/booooooom

  2. Creative Technology

    by Pablo Marques joined

    2,975 Videos / 1,010 Members

    Aggregating work that demonstrates the creative potential in the use of technology.

  3. Installations

    by Justin Lincoln joined

    1,873 Videos / 750 Members

    changed from video installations. Let's include sound installations and whatever else might fit in the installation category.

  4. Public Art

    by Olaf Henze joined

    11K Videos / 3,250 Members

    A space for any kind of PUBLIC ART: Group will display paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, media, music, dance, fashion&style, interesting people and so on. Join us! Watch…

  5. Arduino, Interactions and Kinetics

    by oona james-mills joined

    205 Videos / 152 Members

    Sculpture and conceptual design incorporating the use of arduino programming, interactive sensors or kinetics.

  6. Digital Arts & Living Beings

    by Digitalarti joined

    23 Videos / 16 Members

  7. Digital Art

    by OnlineMerchant joined

    23 Videos / 6 Members

    Creative digital video/picture uploads.

  8. Motion Design

    by Yaniv Fridman joined

    5,288 Videos / 1,387 Members

    Motion & Graphic Design

  9. Sculpture

    by Eric Peltzer joined

    617 Videos / 374 Members

    Dedicated to sculpture and 3D artwork. Abstract, modern, experimental, kinetic, whatever. When there are more members and videos, this group could be split up into more specialized categories. For…

  10. Museum Programming

    by Lawrence Johnson joined

    260 Videos / 96 Members

    This group is devoted to sharing programs created for museums or interpretive centers. We want to share videos, interactive programs and information about interpretation of history, culture, science,…

  11. Video Installations

    by Michael Spencer joined

    1,317 Videos / 568 Members

  12. installation animation

    by chad hinman joined

    661 Videos / 300 Members

    let's look at how we can communicate with one another via manipulating the spaces around us. what better medium to do so than animation?

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