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Born in Bogota, Colombia, inspired by his father’s Zenit and trained in Miami and Toronto, Fabian Garzon is a philanthropist at heart, giving back to his community and to those less fortunate at every possible opportunity. He is an uncompromising photographer and and up and coming film maker.
Made in Colombia
Made in Colombia Foundation was founded in 2010 by the Garzon Family to raise environmental awareness, alleviate poverty, and empower underprivileged children through education.
Fabian started making a real difference at the SickKids Foundation by donating his time, and services. Fabian has grown stronger through his bond with children like Sergio, Sergio is Fabian’s inspiration and driving force to his continual support for events such as SickKids Rally, and the up and coming Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer.
Photography & Film
Fabian has been specializing in fashion, celebrity and portrait photography since 2006. He has worked with various modeling agencies including Elite Model Management, and has photographed numerous celebrities at prestigious film festivals and red carpet events.
Fabian has a rare ability to captivate and transport his audience through his lens. His use of traditional techniques animates his photos; his films ripple through the imagination.
Currently engaged as Director on the production of a short film alongside Massoud Abbasi, Producer. This will be a collaborative project between Omega Group and Evolucion Films. Tentative completion date for Spring 2013.
To successfully realize the vision of his clients, Fabian regularly collaborates with his network of art directors, fashion designers, stylists and production teams. Fabian’s work has been showcased at various photography festivals, such as the Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, and he is currently working with the Colombian Government to recognize the lifetime achievements of other notable Colombians, such as David Manzur, Andrea Echeverri to name a few.

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