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Fabrica Fluxus art gallery is a multidisciplinary exhibition space supporting artistic research and experimentation. It promotes the research on mutations of contemporary cultural expressions by creating dialogues between different artistic fields such as design, visual arts, illustration, photography and graphics. The artists and cultural projects involved in this process are usually characterized by different artistic, disciplinary, technical and cultural backgrounds, thus bringing about strong contrasts: diversity and confrontation can sometimes bring about violent clashes but at the same time they also give birth to meaningful reflections. Furthermore, in trying to shed light on the subtle border between contemporary art and design, Fabrica Fluxus displays hand-crafted and unique pieces by young artists, records, magazines, limited edition art and photography books, prints and toys, Last but not least the gallery puts itself forward as a laboratory of ideas in which all the artists (graphic and web designers and post-modern artisans) can best use their skills.

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