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F.A.M.E Media Group is a full service digital media solutions company, specializing in Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment and beyond. Based in the New York City area, F.A.M.E Media Group has established itself as a leader amongst creative artists. F.A.M.E Media Group covers all your marketing bases, by offering HD full service video production, digital writing and marketing services as well as web development.

Joey Salpietro, C.E.O. of FAME Media Group, has the passion, drive, imagination and experience to catapult your ideas into reality. His uncanny ability to transform raw uncut video into a persuasive and powerful message has been recognized by some of the most respected leaders in the entertainment industry.

Our goal is to market your brand across all avenues. Whether it be transforming your vision into a stunning and memorable video experience or promoting your brand through digital writing services and web development, we provide uncompromising quality and customer service. We measure our success by your satisfaction. In a world, where very few stand out, we encourage our clients to be heard, Be Seen and BECOME!

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