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Who says you have to be poor, abused, divorced, or adopted to have a family worth telling a story about? I am a middle class white child from New York City. I have two, for the most part, loving parents, a slightly above average sister with no serious problems, and a spanish tiled roof over my head. Sure we've hit rocks, who hasn't? When you're headed down a long path that isn't (nor will it ever be) fully paved, you are bound to trip and skin your knee at some point, hopefully the bone won't be exposed, but sometimes it will be.

I think family is very important. Adding a camera and a few microphones to the situation, only makes it more so. This all started with a name, Familiality. Then it got a little bigger. We shot Scrabble, a dirty, raw, unscripted picture of a realistic Scott-Henning family game night. We filmed a few more episodes, and as they got less and less realistic, we realized that we had something. Looking back and forward I can say that we've been stringing our family closer through it all. Familiality is "the glue, that holds this family together."

We release new videos two or three times a month.

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