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  1. vjsuave

    vjsuave Plus São Paulo - Buenos Aires


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    vjsuave is ygor marotta and ceci soloaga. www.vjsuave.com www.ygormarotta.com www.facebook.com/vjsuave love and peace.

  2. Greyscalegorilla

    Greyscalegorilla PRO Chicago


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    Cinema 4D Tutorials and Tools For Motion Graphics Artists http://greyscalegorilla.com The Twitter. http://twitter.com/nickvegas


    FRAME ZERO✔ Netherlands, Leusden


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    Hi. I'm a freelance motion designer and camera/steadicam operator. I make Motion Graphics with Cinema 4D, 3DS MAX and After Effects. I get my inspiration from thinks I like and what I see on television or on websites. Feel free to ask your questions if you want to know something. Greetz, Fabian

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