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  1. 10:50

    Reviews & Guides

    by Faymus Media

    2 Videos

    This album contains videos which review cameras, lenses, and other gear. It also contains guides, and "how to" videos.

  2. 00:00

    Tests & Comparisons

    by Faymus Media

    1 Video

    This album contains video tests and comparisons of cameras, and cameras being tested against each other.

  3. 04:13

    Short Films

    by Faymus Media

    1 Video

    This section is where short films we have produced, directed, written and/or filmed/edited.

  4. 02:26

    Corporate Videos

    by Faymus Media

    3 Videos

    This section contains corporate videos, and interviews.

  5. 27:45


    by Faymus Media

    8 Videos

    This is where al the different events we have filmed are located. From church, motivational, educational, and much more. Weddings & Birthday Parties have their own folder.

  6. 38:16


    by Faymus Media

    10 Videos

    This folder contains weddings we have filmed, edited, and produced.

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    Liked Videos

    by Faymus Media

    3 Videos

    videos that i like

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