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  1. 20:53

    Clinical Topics

    by OFA

    8 Videos

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    by OFA

    0 Videos

  3. 01:30

    How to use the clinic camera

    by OFA

    5 Videos

    These video clips explain how to get good results when using the clinic camera. Please contact Ms. Eileen Martinez at eim3@pitt.edu if you have suggestions for additional video tutorials.

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    by OFA

    1 Video

  5. 20:44

    First Year Videos

    by OFA

    0 Videos

  6. 00:00

    Patient Testimonials

    by OFA

    9 Videos

    A primary role of the School of Dental Medicine (SDM) is to educate dental health professionals. The resident/student depends on the patient’s commitment to complete necessary educational requirements.…

  7. 03:31

    Biomedical Informatics Online Certificate Program

    by OFA

    10 Videos

    The Biomedical Informatics Online Certificate Program is a 15 credit (minimum) experience. The Certificate program will serve students with a wide variety of goals and backgrounds, including those…

  8. 33:05

    Teaching Tips

    by OFA

    19 Videos

    Tips and ideas related to teaching

  9. 00:00

    Apple iPad Tips

    by OFA

    4 Videos

    This album includes all Tech Tips related to the Apple iPad.

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    Reading Tips

    by OFA

    4 Videos

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