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Point Zero Productions provides a Jimmy Jib & Operator service for Wales, Bristol & the rest of the UK.

We provide a Jimmy Jib and operator service, either on its own or to add an exisiting shoot. Whether this is for live sports or a music video, our 18ft Jimmy Jib Lite with a fully motorised double axis head, suitable for anything from a DSLR, to a Red One.. and anything in-between!

Point Zero Productions is run by Felek Werpachowski and Ben Langdale based near Bristol, UK.

Visit the Point Zero Productions Website at:

Cameras our Jib can support include:

Sony PMW-EX1
Sony PMW EX3
Sony PMW F3 (External focus puller)
Sony HDC-1500
Panasonic AJ-HPX Series
RED One (External focus puller)
RED Epic (External focus puller)
RED Scarlet (External focus puller)
ARRI Alexa (External focus puller)
Canon 5D/7D/550D

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