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Felice Valerio Bagnato was born in Sicily, in Vittoria, on 2 March 1981. Graduated in Film Direction at the NUCT of Rome, in July 2007, directing the short movie “Amore morte e scacchi”, shot in HD. He was student of the great Italian director Enzo G. Castellari and of the director Stefano Bessoni. He graduated in 2008 in Saperi e tecniche dello spettacolo cinematografico, at University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He wrote and directed 7 short movies, 3 documentary films, 2 videoclips, commercials, viral videos and some live concerts for roman bands. He worked as assistant director, film editor, screenwriter and script supervisor. He worked with websites, specialized in cinematographic and musical culture. He founded in 2006 Cupra42 Association, assets in documentary films and in various video productions. In 2009 he founded a new video production company, ONDA. He plays electric bass guitar and he loves comics, music and literature very much. He lives in Rome. He’s currently working on the writing of some movies and a sit-com. He ideated and created the video live concert website sgrang.com

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