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Felipe Pilotto is a filmmaker and a professional actor. He has a theater group named ¿Adóndevamos?. Theater and films have always been his passion, and he is also an author, He writes plays and scripts of short movies and feature films. Pilotto is also a photographer; Having this crazy eye that is ready to catch every sparking glance of an amazing moment that will last for good. Being a brazilian for Pilotto makes him want to run towards the world, but without forgetting his roots, in a way to develop my art and to try to have a better understanding of this crazy stuff that we call life. Creator and founder of PILOTTO STUDIO he knows and thinks that one of the greatest things on Earth is to always keep on questioning ourselves: “What am I doing here?!” Should I read a book or write a book? What should we do? Should we make theater? Should we make a movie? Should we go out on the streets and make a strike? Should we stay at home? Should we keep on grumbling about life? We must choose paths and stand for them... There will be hurdles on the way, but we all must face out there, and on the path of life we will find out that we need to fight for something bigger than ourselves.

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