Fernando López Cardona

Bogotá, Colombia

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He was born in Cali, Colombia and earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Journalism. His work has centered in diverse areas of the film and television business. Fernando started by producing documentaries for the Colombian cultural public broadcasting station as well as television miniseries for private broadcasting stations. Simultaneously, he directed some fiction shorts in video such as EL HOMBRE HONRADO (Honor Man, 1995) and SEXTO PISO (Sixth Floor, 1998).

From his work in advertising, several spots stand out with entries in CANNES LIONS (France), FIAP-Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad (Buenos Aires), International Advertising Festival CARIBE (Panamá) and NOVA Awards (Colombia). He has directed music videos for various Colombian artists and his name has appeared with notoriety in several MTV LATINO promos. In 2002, he wrote and directed the short EL OJO DE DIOS (The Eye of God), which has been exhibited and participated in festivals in Buenos Aires, Toulouse, Cannes, Madrid, Berlin and New York. In 2009 finished LINEA DE TIEMPO (Time Line), selected in 25th Interfilm Berlin. PRYTO his last short film was co-directed by Alejandro Ramírez.
At the present, he lives in Bogotá.

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