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Performance artist and DJ. Live and work in Curitiba, soulthern of Brazil.

Fernando Ribeiro is a performance artist and DJ. Lives and works in Curitiba, south of Brazil. He began his research in performance art in 2000 and presented his first performance, "Eu e o Público" ("Me and the Public"), in 2001. He's been developing a vast practical and theoretical research on the field, presenting several works, conducting workshops and lectures, fomenting performance art in his city.

In 2003 he took part in MIP - Manifestação Internacional de Performance (International Performance Manifestation), in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Produced by CEIA (ceia.art.br), MIP was the first international festival of performance art in Brazil. Besides that, Fernando Ribeiro has been presenting his work in several cities over the country, such as Florianópolis and Salvador.

His work is based on developing the action, specially related to the issue of "how do we make an action?". In general, his performance works have a simple, linear structure, however they open way for a wide range of interpretation. His works are based on his person, his body, his own self. By taking responsibility for his actions, instead of giving powers to others, the artist believes he can really address himself to the other one, giving this other one the freedom to connect with each of his works.

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