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Take the will to sensitize to actual human living conditions, belief in new languages, joyful affirmation of artistic audiovisual creation together and you get the International Festival Signes de Nuit. The festival is performing worldwide since 2003.

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  1. Kasimir Burgess
  2. Augustin Gimel
  3. Isabelle Vorle
  4. Antonello Matarazzo
  5. mohammadreza farzad
  6. Guli Silberstein
  7. Jon Vatne
  8. Perivi John Katjavivi
  9. Out of Joint Films
  10. Jayne Amara Ross
  11. John Henry Owen
  12. Ares Buitrago
  13. Katherina Harder
  14. Benjamin Bardou
  15. Crystal Beacon
  16. Roderick Hietbrink
  17. Arjen de Leeuw
  18. Zied Meddeb Hamrouni

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