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* Who We Are *

We are young, fresh and bold.
A group of talented people putting our hearts, minds and souls into everything we do.

A studio that pays attention to every single frame.

We have experience, knowledge, skills, structure and talent to create films that echoes in the memory of those who watch it. And we’re here for YOU!

We’re Fgreat, come and play with us.

* What we do *

Story telling combining live action, VFX, animation and motion design is our thing.

Our speciality is to create commercials, promos, opening titles, animation and VFX for games, broadcast series, and films for events and online.

We always try to push our film visuals beyond the limits of our imagination. Use of the latest hardware and software technology is a must. We see every film as an opportunity to deliver something that we have never done before.

So, come and check out our studio and have a coffee with us.

We will treat you well. That’s a promise.

* Our Mission *

Is to create WOW. To excite.

To make films, promos, commercials that in combination with live action, design, animation, VFX, SFX, motion, grading and music leaves the audience with their mouths agape.

To make their hearts skip a beat.

All of this in a dynamically creative and stress-free environment.

* Our Passion *

We love to tell stories.

But our real passion is to find the right way to tell each story, to craft our films with unique visuals that pushes story telling beyond imagination.

To find the best professionals and put together tailored teams with specific skills for every film.

To go to sleep at night knowing we did our best.
That we gave everything.

This is what puts a smile on our faces.


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