Juha Fiilin

London, Barcelona & Helsinki

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Filmmaker, artist and graphic designer specialized in film.

2010-2014 Visiting lecturer at Helsinki Film School and Graphic Design @ Aalto University

2007-2014 Directing viral videos and spots in UK, Spain, Italy, Latvia and Finland.

2007-2014 Writing and directing short films and developing a feature film.

1997-2014 Directing title sequences and graphics for production companies such as Media Pro, The Motel, Lasihelmi Filmi, Helsinki Filmi, Silva Mysterium, Kinosto, Jarowski, Filmimaa and TV-channels like Barcelona TV, ARTE, YLE1, YLE2, SVT, FST, MTV3, LA 7...

1990-2014 Exhibitions featuring my drawings, paintings in various museums and galleries in Spain and Finland.

1998-2009 Creative Director and Art Director in various agencies in Barcelona, Spain.

As director and screenwriter
2008 “Volpina” 35mm shortfilm trailer to announce and open the Helsinki Film Festival.
2009 "Tocar la Gorda" 18 minute shortfilm shot in Barcelona and post produced in Helsinki.
Festivals: Premiere at Helsinki Film Festival, FIC Móstoles Shortfilm Festival, Madrid...

Title sequences and graphics for films and series
As the director / photographer / graphic artist / designer
- Orchestra The Everlast, Matti Ijäs / YLE 2014
- Ihan sama / What ever, children and youth TV series for YLE 2014
- Omerta, a short film by Aleksi Rytkönen / Making Movies 2014
- Apollo, a short film by Jari Hietanen / Filmimaa / YLE 2014
- Fatima, a short film by Naima Mohamud / Filmimaa / YLE 2013
- Disco and Perukka short films / Filmimaa / YLE 2013
- Werther, Jarmo Lampela / Vegetarian Films 2013
- Miesten välisiä keskusteluja, Jarmo Lampela / Vegetarian Films 2012
- Varasto, feature comedy by Taru Mäkelä, Kinosto / MTV3, 2011
- Tehdas, 18 episode TV drama written by Pirkko Saisio / YLE, 2012-2013
- Missä kuljimme kerran, feature film and TV drama, Helsinki Filmi / FST5, 2011
- Aranda, feature documentary by Anu Kuivalainen, Filmimaa / YLE, 2011
- Jumalan teatteri, feature documentary by Jarmo Lampela / YLE, 2011
- Salla - Selling the Silence, feature documentary by Markku Tuurna / Filmimaa, 2010
- Att Spegla sin tid, feature documentary by Ulrika Bengts / Langfilm / FST, 2009
- Woimaxi, TV series by Helsinki Filmi / MTV3, 2007-2009
- Maleena, TV series by Langfilm / YLE, 2008
- Thalias Irrfärder, 3 episode documentary by Langfilm / FST, 2008
- Number, experimental documentary by Lasihelmi Filmi, 2007
- The Lake, shortfilm by Maarit Lalli / Lasihelmi Filmi, 2006
- Rikospoliisi ei laula, TV series by Jarmo Lampela for Jarowski / MTV3, 2006
- Sairaan kaunis maailma, feature film by Jarmo Lampela, 1997
- Uusikino, program for independent short and feature films, YLE, 1994-2012

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