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Having planned, produced, and delivered a wide variety of projects, I’ve honed my ability to tell relevant stories that meet my clients’ needs and production requirements. I spent my early career in Turkey, first with General Motors, leading marketing communication initiatives for Opel and Saab. This was followed by a stint at Capital Events as a Client Relations Director and Project Manager, where I gained deep experience managing large-scale events, sponsorship projects, and client relationships. My recent work has focused on multimedia production at the University of Washington, and has run the gamut from long-term public information and digital outreach campaigns to fast and furious daily coverage of major events.

Boasting an international education that has broadened my skillset as well as my worldview, I offer a unique combination of creative vision and technical skill, as well as solid professional grounding in strategic communications. My talents position me to excel at any project and across any industry to deliver high-impact and lasting impressions for brands, special events, media productions, and communication programs.

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