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Joachim is a freelance filmmaker from Oslo, Norway. After graduating with a BFA in film directing from The International Film school of Paris and the European Film College in Denmark, he worked for several years as a lighting technician on feature films and commercials. Since then he has been working as a d.o.p. shooting tv-shows, shortfilms, documentaries, corporate videos, commercials and music videos. He is a board member of the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers (FNF)


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  6. American Cinematographer
  7. Storyline Studios
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  9. Jens Ramborg
  10. John christian rosenlund
  11. Fabien Greenberg
  12. mitnak
  13. Darri
  14. Christian Holm-Glad
  15. Susanne Flender
  16. Jazzmontør
  17. André Chocron
  18. Babusjka

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