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San Francisco Film School is one of the most innovative film schools in the country. Offering programs in Digital Filmmaking, Screenwriting, and Film Acting, San Francisco Film School bridges the gap between traditional education and professional movie-making. Our intensive and hands-on programs are designed to prepare students for a successful career in the motion picture industry. The innovative curriculum is taught by award-winning filmmakers and is project-based, with students creating their own movies and working on professional feature-length motion pictures.

FilmschoolSF students learn the art and craft of filmmaking and work in a variety of genres – fiction, commercials and documentary. Each class is structured around small production teams in which students produce their own movies and crew on team member projects. In this way, students get personalized instruction, maximum experience with the equipment, and create material for their demo reels.

FilmschoolSF is the only film school in the country offering every student the valuable experience of crewing on a professional feature-length motion picture through its sister company, Fog City Pictures. As a part of the Digital Filmmaking Program's curriculum, students work directly under professional filmmakers. This is not an internship. It is an apprenticeship, where students are mentored and work side-by-side with industry professionals in key positions. Students working on Fog City Pictures feature films are actively involved in the professional filmmaking community and also get a valuable "credit" for their work on the film. Fog City Pictures and FilmschoolSF submit these films to festivals, look for distribution outlets, and theatrical release.

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