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A little bit about us. We make short films for websites. All sorts of websites for all sorts of businesses. From £575? Marvellous stuff.

A bit about our boss:

Carl is an award winning Promo Producer that has worked in telly man and boy. His CV includes working at all the major broadcasters, doing channel startups and breakups too. In a nutshell, his niche is to cut television films and programmes and sell them to us within 60 second know the type of thing…the…’and now, and later, etc etc’. Selly-telly they call it and it works. Known as ‘The Fire-Fighter’ at Channel 5 for many years, he can turn out ace marketing films for your business fast. This is his personal website for more about him is

We are based in Hampshire but can work anywhere and cut a film about any business...Our contact number is 01256 773 552 and our website is e

Get in contact....we're nice to chat with.

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