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Film Shortage is a website dedicated entirely to short films. We feature mind-blowing new shorts every day and will be a perfect launch pad for filmmakers to get their shorts out there!

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  1. Nathaniel Lindsay
  2. John Mattiuzzi
  3. A.J. Briones
  4. Gregory Herman
  5. Pete Capo
  6. Blue Zoo
  7. Justin Giddings
  8. Mathieu Favreau
  9. Jordan Fein
  10. Eli Sasich
  11. Erik Lehmann
  12. Joel Mackenzie
  13. Lizzy Graham
  14. Lucky Treehouse
  15. FE
  16. (a) TWIN (thing).
  17. Joe Kramer
  18. Cold Fox Films

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  1. Bizarreness at its best! Disturbingly beautiful! Featured on Film Shortage, read our full review