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With its formation in 2010, Fine Light Entertainment embarked on a long and arduous journey, with the single-minded goal of establishing Fine Light and themselves within the global industry that is Hollywood.

The company was formed by two partners; Simon Vallejo and Ana de Diego. Ana and Simon were both graduates from the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California with both having international backgrounds hailing from Latin countries yet residing in the United States.

After initial forays into the industry, Simon and Ana agreed that taking the difficult road and doing it themselves was their future. Fine Light was born in 2010. Since its formation, Ana and Simon have worked diligently learning the industry, perfecting their craft and readying themselves for the moment they would take their initial leap into feature filmmaking. At the same time, both realized the benefit to creative control as well as the value of high quality content and establishing themselves as a standard to be emulated.

Since the birth of Fine Light, Ana and Simon have worked with top industry professionals and brands to expand the company’s network and growth. This includes working with top directors on a multitude of projects.

Independently of the work done with other directors, Ana and Simon have worked with national and international brands such as: Sprite, Walmart, Zumba, PlayStation, and Agua Castello to name a few. Although Fine Light has worked with big brands, they also recognize the importance of Public Service Announcements and have gladly worked pro bono for organizations such as the Girl Scouts of America to help them with their cause.

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