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Finian Pye Vogel is a Anglo-Bavarian film maker based in Bristol.

Finian graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in History and Media and Cultural Studies in which he specialised in filmmaking.

It started of way back filming on a tiny little old school digital camera and editing on windows movie maker. As time and expertise progressed he has now gotten a very nice Panasonic SDHD900 and edits on Premier Pro, a far cry to his roots.

The early films can be found on his youtube channel (linked below), a mish-mash of live recordings and films he has done over the years.

Finian's main film direction is in making music videos and surf films. He cites Bjorn Richie Lobs 2009 Keep Surfing and Bruce Browns cult classic The Endless Summer as two of his main muses. As for Music Videos he has far too many influences but if he had to pick one it would be Jonas Akerlunds turn the page for Metalica.


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