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  1. Strictly Showreels

    by Konrad Haenel joined

    986 Videos / 1,160 Members

    This group is strictly(!) for professional media-production showreels and will be heavily moderated. If you have a serious showreel, this is the place to post it. Visit our website for even…

  2. 3D Animation & Showreel

    by Garen Asatryan joined

    1,887 Videos / 1,168 Members

    This group is a community of talented 3D animation artists. Here we can talk about animation, share experience, show our works and have fun. We have members from all over the world :) There are…

  3. Making Of - BTS

    by Idris joined

    999 Videos / 1,029 Members

    Welcome Filmmakers! This is a group where you can share your Making of's, behind the scenes of AUDIOVISUAL PROJECTS: films, shorts, music videos, commercials, etc... ---> NO PHOTO SHOOTINGS,…

  4. animation

    by Jaime Fernandez Muro joined

    9,107 Videos / 1,884 Members

    Animation, 3d, vfx, Commercials stuff

  5. 3d stuff

    by setsuko joined

    7,805 Videos / 2,188 Members

    3d stuff goes here!!!!!!!!

  6. High-End Visual Effects

    by Lev Kolobov joined

    5,409 Videos / 3,218 Members

    This group is dedicated to visual effects. Please post here, if you are professional who wold like to share your opinion about vfx. Anything that related to film vfx, animation or commercial vfx.

  7. Must See Demoreels

    by versa joined

    628 Videos / 3,306 Members

    SELECTED Demo\Showreels that you must see! This group is FOR REELS ONLY. PreModeration by versa. UPD: temporary new videos will be adding by moderator only. Best!

  8. VFX Reels, Portfolios and Artwork

    by vfxrider joined

    7,382 Videos / 3,524 Members

  9. VFX Projects

    by alberd jacuzzi joined

    6,699 Videos / 2,739 Members

    In this group you can find all VFX and Effect-tests made by vimeo artists. Every effect from every program is desired. Have fun

  10. Maya

    by Göran Forsling joined

    4,639 Videos / 2,581 Members

    For all Maya users out there. Post your tips, news or just show off your work!

  11. Character Animation

    by Yelenloud joined

    8,477 Videos / 3,045 Members

    This group is for all things involving character animation. I'm interested in seeing various styles and media including stop motion, traditional, After Effects, Flash animation, etc. I want to…

  12. VFX Motion Graphic

    by Ragazzo joined

    15K Videos / 5,462 Members

    Hello folks, this group should be a big place for new inspirations. So be creative and upload the best work you can. I'm glad to see you here. Still another thing, please don't upload…

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