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FireTrial Films is a collective of film artists. The name comes from a concept learned in Cuba, though not exclusive to the island nation, that, creativity shines brightest for those that accept adversity and all obstacles as part of the artistic process. In short: work the fire, don't fight it.

Leading the group in 2012 is Alexandre Archimbaud, born in Paris, raised in: Copenhagen, followed by the Catskills, Manhattan, Madison (NJ), Boston, Rennes (France), a return to Paris, art college in Boston, peppered with Havana... then, after two decades the dark winter of 2003... back to Denmark.

Despite moves, despite changes (of scenery), goodbyes and hello's, discoveries, renewal, rebooting, education, re-education-- it's always been for film.

The constant, my mainstay, my expression, and the integral aspect of my daily existence... well, that and living!

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