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Our small but perfectly formed studio lies in the heart of Holywood. Ok, so that’s one ‘L’ not two but what’s one letter between friends?

We’re part of Waddell Media, one of Ireland’s largest and most successful independent production companies and work in their new purpose built studios, just a seagull’s fly away from Belfast Lough.

Our films tell stories, creating characters you love. We create images that engage the senses and emotions. Whether itis television, film, broadcast graphics or advertising, we deliver visual flair and playfulness with care and attention to detail.

We believe in our characters and stories and you’ll see it in every frame of our films. We’re proud of every pixel.

Flickerpix is a complete animation studio. We offer a one-stop shop from concept origination, development, scripting, character design, storyboarding, build, in either CG, stop-motion, or classic 2D animation. Our systems include Softimage XSI, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and lots of A4 sketchpads.

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