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Toulouse, France

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Florence Sobieski is a French director/assistant director who was born in France in 1986. She studied and worked in Lyon, Toulouse, New York and Paris. She worked both on French and American film productions and speaks English fluently.

As a director, she made several short films, many of which are fictional. In terms of aesthetics, she favours simplicity and elegance. In terms of subject, she likes to focus on female characters struggling with their identities.
In addition, one of her main interests is on directing the actors. Both as a director and an occasional actress, she never gets tired of exploring this art, through classes, personal research and on-set practice.

In may 2011, her movie "Waiting", shot in NYC in Fall 2010, went to the Short Film Corner in Cannes. There, it found a multiplatform British distributor : Shorts International, and is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Florence Sobieski's very latest work, the short film "Voyeuse", has just began its career in film festivals. It won the Best Foreign Film Award at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival of Beverly Hills. "Voyeuse" tells the story of a solitary young woman who fantasizes about her new neighbour, thus tackling the issue of a taboo-ridden female sexuality.

These days, Florence is developing a feature film script for a thriller taking place in the world of truck drivers.

As an assistant director, she already worked on a dozen of short films and always enjoys sharpening the organizational and interpersonal skills that such a job requires.

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