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San Francisco

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The word Fluid: which in some cases means likely to change or move is synonymous with words like changeable, flowing, smooth, graceful, elegant, sinuous, adaptable, and flexible. FLUIDGIRL, who is just as likely to change or move, is equally synonymous with the aforementioned selection of descriptive words. As a previous member of the legendary dance group Medea Sirkas, renowned for their pioneering of strutting, boogaloo, and the Fillmore dance styles, with experience performing on stage, television, and in competition as well as in dance instruction, this phenomenal 37 year old performance artist embodies a personality that can only be described as lively. A veteran dancer, FLUIDGIRL’s repertoire includes popping, waacking, house dance and freestyle.

With interests and experience in physical theatre, improv theatre, clown, mime, drawing, spirituality and Holistic health, FLUIDGIRL displays versatility in her outside interests as well as in her profession proving that she is a well of diversity. This well rounded artist exhibits a range so flexible it could only be categorized as FLUID.

FLUIDGIRL is currently available for hire via solo performance and also theatre opportunities. She can be reached via the contact information included on this site.

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