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Charles Tentindo, award winning director. Cinematographer and acting coach.
Founder and president of The One Minute Actor and

In 2006, Charles received the Telly Award for directing "Making a Killing, Inside the International Arms Trade,"
a special features documentary for the Nicholas Cage film/dvd, "Lord of War" from LionsGate Entertainment.

Mr. Tentindo is a director, cinematographer, acting coach in the Los Angeles area and continues to educate and inspire those individuals in the area of self expression, both on and off camera.

The series of videos on this site are specifically designed to quickly and strategically make you aware of the most important acting techniques one must first master in order to delver powerful and memorable auditions both on and off camera.

The work you are about to watch is a culmination of his on the set as a director, cinematographer and actor. They are a FAST TRACK to delivering work that is real, spontaneous and inventive.

More information on his classes at:


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