Rodney Smith

Toronto, ON/Atlanta, GA/Brooklyn

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An artist by training and natural story teller, film making is the ultimate combination of the two, perfect for the stories I need to tell.

I'm a cinematographer with 10 years of experience in film and television, starting as a screenwriter and training with producers through the day to day running and development of film projects. I started on my own films in 2003 with "The Ex-Collection" and "the Plumbers" two short films that pushed me in the direction I need to go, which was into the world of feature length movies with "Mort", "Necrophobia" and "Almost Dead". New shots and features are in development and different stages of production.

I currently shoot with the Panasonic HVX200 and DVX100A with the Brevis 35 Adapter and a selection of Canon lenses for a true film look.

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