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Team Fly Like Brick (FLB) consists of Jarno (Mc)Cordia, Benoit Syben an Rob "Bionic" Bakker.
We fly wingsuits. Special suits with inflatable membranes between the arms and legs, which turns the human body into a big wing. No engines, no rigid structures. Just pure human flight.

Fly Like Brick is in essence a platform to push and develop the discipline of wingsuit flying in Europe. We are highly experienced at commercial media events and specialised stunts for TV and film, and also main organisers of the International Wingsuit Competition (see for more details)
We grab every chance we get to fly, and can be found on dropzones around Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, and Spain throughout the year. Either flying for fun, training, or load-organising and coaching at skydiving events.

For media enquiries, stock footage, or interest in first flight coaching, organising a wingsuit event at your home DZ, or want photo's, video and feedback on your flying, send us an email at

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