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Since 2001 FLYSURFER develops innovative & high quality products for the kite sport (water/land/snow) our kites, boards & services are distributed worldwide.

Kiteboarding is our passion. We really want to kite forever. We live for this sport and want to share this passion with everyone around us. If we do something, then it will meet our high standards. User-friendliness and safety are incorporated into each of our innovative products. Your kiting time to us is just as important as our own. We focus on high comfort and service. This is our claim and you should be able to feel this passion whenever you use Flysurfer products!

Whether you kite on land, snow or water, completely irrespective of style, age, wind and weather conditions – once you are touched by our fascinating sport, you just want to kite every day ...every day is a kiteday!

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  1. Très belle vidéo, le montage est bon, ca se regarde tout seul, merci Lolo !