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  1. 08:45

    EN-SERIE Charly Chapelet

    by FOCUSprod Reunion

    4 Videos

    The En-série project redraw some of the best freeriding moments of Charly Chapelet at home (Réunion Island) but also in Australia and Europe the last years.

  2. 01:06

    MAD MAX 974

    by FOCUSprod Reunion

    2 Videos

    Maxime Huscenot's around the world podcast serie.

  3. 03:25


    by FOCUSprod Reunion

    3 Videos

  4. 00:00

    OSMOZ, life is bodyboard

    by FOCUSprod Reunion

    8 Videos

    An autobiographic film based on the life of French bodyboarder and actual world champion Amaury Lavernhe. An adventure that started in the strong Indian Ocean followed by images taken all over the…

  5. 00:00


    by FOCUSprod Reunion

    13 Videos

    It comes as the achievement of a video project by FOCUSprod. Born in Reunion Island three years ago, we eventually decided to put the final result online so that the bodyboarding community can watch…

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