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My name is Mike Hernández. I'm a public health professional interested in food and nutrition issues. I am also the NYC Food Day 2011 coordinator.

What is Food Day?

Quite simply, Food Day is a celebration of real food. A national day of recognition to help raise awareness to how we eat. To learn more, please visit foodday.org.

My colleague Kelly Moltzen --- a registered dietician and fellow public health professional --- and I decided to commemorate this inaugural Food Day (Oct. 24) by encouraging filmmakers from all over NYC to share their stories about real food and the champions who are working to make healthy, affordable food available to all.

The videos collected on this Food Day channel are the efforts of some very talented and socially conscious filmmakers. Kelly and I are deeply grateful to them for their participation and for their desire to have these stories told. We encourage other likeminded filmmakers to add their stories to this channel, and or Food Day group, as well.

We invite you to share these stories with your friends, colleagues and family. More importantly, we invite you to join in and become a real food champion, too.

Make every day Food Day by eating real and by supporting policies that ensures everyone has access to healthy affordable food. Together we can make a world of difference.

And always remember that a monsoon begins with a single drop of rain. Help be part this monsoon…. because healthy, affordable food is a right for all, not just a privileged few.


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