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The F.O.O.S. (acronym of Four Out Of Seven) is an Italian project consisting in a trio of crazy guys that have chosen to mix their taste for electronic sounds with the immortal pleasure of seeing a band wiggling on a stage.

Their formation is quite uncommon: 2 singing guitarists and 1 drummer! Who needs a bass player when you can use electronics to supply the lowest range of frequencies? Everyone gets shocked and amazed hearing the wall of sound they're able to generate on the stage without a bass!

They like categorizing their music as "electrock", a word that utterly reassume the soul of their sound research. The lyrics are easy and the melodies are catchy, thus directly throwing the message in the people's faces!

The F.O.O.S. do not focus only on making great music, they aim to make a great show. They use their whole bodies to involve the audience, not only their fingers. You won't have an idea until you see them on a stage.

Are part of the trio...

• Simone Seminatore, aka Simo, age 24:
lead vocals
rhythm guitar

• Lorenzo Gardenghi, aka Lollo, age 23:
lead guitar
back vocals

• Fabrizio Moschetto, aka Fabri, age 22:
drums & percussions
back tracks launch control

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