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Footsteps is a not-for-profit student-run project dedicated to delivering inspirational, informative and realistic career testimonials to secondary and tertiary education level students from mentors all across New Zealand. Footsteps promotes personal development and the exploration of novel, “dream” and well-established careers. This is achieved by cultivating an individual’s passion through inspiring career testimonials, and by providing them with the relevant knowledge, skill sets and recommended resources necessary to follow in their mentor’s footsteps. We aim to showcase a variety of available careers across New Zealand, from organisational to freelance.

The project was founded as a part of Lifehack HQ 2013, a nation-wide student-based weekend event funded by the Ministry of Social Development for the development of technologies and media solutions to address the mental health issues faced by New Zealand youth. Our team has taken Footsteps beyond the conceptual Lifehack HQ weekend and are now independently making Footsteps a reality.

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