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BJ IS THE LIGHT, RICHEILLE THE PIGMENT. Richeille is the virtual image; BJ the physical act. Neither is only themself; each is also the continuation of the other. One is the the beginning , the other the end. BJ is not Richeille. Richeille is not BJ. BJ needs Richeille, Richeille needs BJ. Two people that form a single entity.
Their collaboration is a declaration of love. Two singularly, provocative, glamorous artists seeking ways of expressing themselves, one through photography, the other through creative direction. Alone, the narrative is impossible to recount. Of necessity, their artistic story takes the form of a dialogue. Everything they do is based on fusion: corporal, spiritual and artistic. Everything they do depends on exchange, balance, harmony. Everything begins with BJ's photography, in the frozen instant that will never return, in the fire of creation, immediacy of emotion; and ends in Richeille's creative direction, in her slow, reflective, patient composition.

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