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Hi everyone, Ive gone through the other posts and tried those suggestions and also gone through the docs but I cant seem to get this relatively simple feature working.
What im trying to do is fire a function as soon as the video completes. Here is my code.
function showv(){
var str=' ';
window.addEventListener('message', function(event) {
//Attach the ready event to the iframe
}, false);
Now, this gets fired when its, the player sends the event=ready, but never with anyting else.

Barry Earsman

Barry Earsman

In your handler for the "ready" event, you need to add listeners for the other events you are interested in. Check out this jsfiddle example: jsfiddle.net/bdougherty/UTt2K/

Note the following lines, which will start listening for "pause", "finish" and "playProgress" events.

function onReady() {

post('addEventListener', 'pause');
post('addEventListener', 'finish');
post('addEventListener', 'playProgress');

Link: jsfiddle.net/bdougherty/UTt2K/

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