Erin Sparling

Erin Sparling

I have been researching APIs of various sites, and am curious as to what this api can ultimately be used for.

I am currently specing out an application that will pull in images from flickr, and video from... somewhere, hopefully vimeo. Anyway, when dealing with flickr, there is the ability to only pull in photos that people have marked with the Creative Commons commercial license, meaning it is totally appropriate to use this content.

When dealing with Vimeo, it would be great to pull in contact videos into this application, but I can't recommend this until I figure out what rights the users have and / or are publishing their content under.

Is it assumed that if the content exists as publicly viewable, that it can be used in any app that can be built around it? The app that is being built isn't really even a commercial app, more like a community site that features content along extreme sports themes.

Jonathan Marcus

Jonathan Marcus Plus

Hey Erin:

Ted is currently working on expanding the scope of the API. He should be finished in a week or so. Ill make sure to incorporate clear terms with the new API release.

Appreciate the interest.



er whats an api

Gabito Guzman

Gabito Guzman

API= Application programming interface

From Wikipedia:

"An application programming interface (API) is a source code interface that a computer system or program library provides to support requests for services to be made of it by a computer program. An API differs from an application binary interface in that it is specified in terms of a programming language that can be compiled when an application is built, rather than an explicit low level description of how data is laid out in memory."

Erin Sparling

Erin Sparling

I think in the end we're just going to use Youtube's API. It'll do what we want it to do, I just don't like the user community anywhere near as much. I appreciate you guys thinking about it though.



>Ted is currently working on expanding the scope of the API.

Hi, would love an update on the question Erin was asking several months ago.

Is Creative Commons for commercial work used on Vimeo as it is on Flickr and made available as an aspect of the API?

If there's documentation on this somewhere, feel free to point me to it.


Ted Roden

Ted Roden Alum

Sadly, we don't currently have licenses associated with videos. As soon as we do, I'll make sure it's in the API.

I don't know if it's a currently planned feature. You may want to post something in the "Feature Requests" forum to help get the ball moving.

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