Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon Plus

Everyone seems involved in this API thing. What is it?

Ted Roden

Ted Roden Alum

It's a way for programmers to access vimeo data. So they can make applications that use vimeo, or integrate vimeo into their application/site. For example, Tumblr uses it to allow users to upload videos directly from tumblr.com.


Lisa Baxter

Lisa Baxter

Thanks for that answer too, I too was curious what API was. For all I knew, it could have stood for "Another Perverted Individual"



"Application Programming Interface", or API. It's usually a set of libraries or tools that allow programmers to "connect to something". There are API's for accessing the video card; those are usually used by game programmers. There are API's for accessing services such as Flickr and youTube. Those are basically requests that can be used to access the data (ie. videos) on sites like Vimeo. With such an API one can for example search for videos that are tagged with a specific word (say, I want to get all the videos tagged with "pizza"); geeks can write software for their phones or for their personal home page, and integrate their videos for example.

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