Jerad Sloan

Jerad Sloan PRO

is there currently any way to get clip detail information with the clip ID?

basically i'm just looking for a way of getting the same info listed when you look up a users clips...but by looking up just one clip.

this clip

is listed in this users clips...

but is there a way to get that info without looking up who the user is?


Ted Roden

Ted Roden

EDIT: I'm wrong, read the next post.

At this point, you can only do that via the advanced API. The simple api only allows you to get the lists.

I'll see if I can get that added in though.

Ted Roden

Ted Roden

Woah, I'm totally wrong. You can do that already:

This only works with public clips.

In this case, the user doesn't make any difference. You could change "ted" to "invalid_user_name" and it would still work.

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