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I am creating a site in wordpress and have some vimeo videos embedded in a slider on the homepage. I really hate that the vimeo controls are visible along the bottom of the image. It's a bummer the image can't be unobstructed and the controls only appear when a user rolls over it - letting them know it's a video they can play. I am aware of the vimeo video setting that disables the controls completely. But the controls are nice navigation to have when a user starts watching the video, so I don't want to lose them altogether. Is there any solution for this?

You can see what's happening on the first slide here:


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I'm wanting this too! We're using a video on our homepage... And while I realize usability might seem like an issue (when there are no visible controls)... if the video is embedded on an external website, the site designers should be able to come up with their own way to make the purpose of the video known to their users. Having the play button, as well as the extremely bright white minute indicator, the progress bar, etc. all visible right when the page loads is really obnoxious... they all compete for attention. And it seems that they're completely irrelevant until the video is in fact being played.

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