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Tomorrow, I'll be shooting a fitness video which will used on websites to promote this 'newest' hype: Aquania. I have quite a lot of experience with run-and-gun documentary style shooting, but I only once did a fitness-like video (see link provided). The video will be shot in a wellness centre, the 4 models and instructor will be both in and out of the water. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
I have no lighting equipment, but I do own some really fast lenses: 14mm f2.8, 30mm f1.4, 55mm f1.7, 27-75mm f2.8, 135mm f2.8

Link: vimeo.com/43278856



Remember to have enough non-smearing cloth to wipe the lens in case it gets wet. Not a joke.

Sound behaves 'weird' when traveling over water (although this may not be a huge issue in a pool-setting, as much as when shooting on a lake or ocean)

Moisture is probably high at such a place, if that's any concern.

The fitness-videos I prefer myself, are those where you have everything in view. Fitness-videos that have many closeups tend to be confusing to watch in my opinion. I prefer full body-shots, so wide-angle lenses mostly. Especially if the videos are meant to teach/show you the fitness-motions. That may just be MY personal preference though, and not necessarily useful general advice to you.

That'd be my 2 cents, for the value of 2 cents :)

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