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I am wondering what are the correct/ideal streaming settings (for vimeo) for exporting a video with iMovie:

I shoot movies using a GoPro Hero2 (720p wide, 30 Im/sec) and I did export my movies with the following settings (using "export movie using quick time", export movie to mpeg-4): 720p, 29,70 FPS, key frame every 30 frames, 10 000 Kbits/sec.

Video options: main profile and multi pass.

in the streaming tab:
- I did activate the "Enable streaming box" but I have no idea of "good values" to put in maximum packet size (default: 1450) and maximum packet duration (default 100 ms) ?

- is that better to check the "optimize for server box" ?

ps: i did check this page )Video Compression Guidelines).



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DId you ever get and answer. I am getting ready to upload some stuff from iMovie and was wondering whether I would have any problems or not



Under the expert settings, use:

Frame rate: Current
Key frames: Automatic
Frame Reordering: checked
Data Rate: Automatic
Quality: High
Encoding: Best Quality (Multi-pass)

If your source video is interlaced, make sure you have Deinterlacing turned on (in the resolution setting box).

Use 256 kbps AAC or Apple Lossless for the audio, with a 48 kHz sampling rate, and stereo or mono according to what your audio is.

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