Jo St Clair

Jo St Clair PRO

I am a Pro member, and have been experimenting with embedding the Vimeo player, and also using JW Player 6.2 to embed Vimeo videos, which allows customisable skins. I would like to use the Vimeo player as it is simple to copy the embed code, make a few changes and paste into my webpages. Is it likely that with future releases, that Vimeo will enable the ability to customise the playbar, or add a skin rather than using the Vimeo one?
Even if we could customise the size, position and images of the playbar would be a great improvement!

Ron Walker

Ron Walker PRO

I would love to be able to customize the playbar more as well. It doesn't even show for my videos, by the way, I guess because they are displayed at only 274px wide (their native width, unfortunately). If I increase the width to 290, then the playbar will show, but it is huge (I would love to make it narrower), and of course this reduces image quality of the video.



Soxiam Staff

That's correct, Ron. There's a threshold dimension where we automatically hide the playbar since its function cannot be presented at below certain required size.

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