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One thing I noticed that youtube did a little while ago, and now Vimeo is doing, is not allowing users to "pre-load" videos. Basically, you used to be able to hit play to start the video load, then hit pause and wait until it loaded fully or almost fully, and then watch the entire video smoothly, even if your internet slows down for any reason.

But now, it seems like, even at my beloved Vimeo, you can't do this anymore. Instead, it only loads about 10-20 seconds ahead, and then pauses the load when it gets too far out. But here's my problem: It's still glitchy. Even if I let it load out as far as possible, I still catch up to it sometimes. My videos glitch, and I can't trust Vimeo to view videos smoothly...and that sucks. Seriously.

A few questions: Am I crazy, or is this actually happening now? Is there no longer any way to fully pre-load a video? And if my voice has any weight, PLEASE bring back the pre-loading feature. Seriously. Please.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey Nathan,

Vimeo doesn't actively prevent videos from loading fully, you should still be able to do what you're mentioning. If you are experiencing this issue, I'd suggest contacting our support team:

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